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Baseball’s Mt. Rushmore

I used to buy every fantasy/preview baseball magazine that came out each spring. Over the years however I’ve slowly but steadily cut back. This year I’ve only purchased one magazine, Athlon Sports Baseball Preview, and that was last night.

I actually haven’t read it yet other than to flip through a few pages, but I did do what I always do with any magazine. I held it by the binder and shook out all the subscription cards. Usually I just scoop them up and throw them out, but one caught my eye.


It’s not really a subscription card, it’s a “4 page pullout” sponsored by Geico. The subject of the pullout is “Who’s On Your Team’s Mt. Rushmore?”

For all 30 Major League teams it lists the four players that would represent that team on a Mt Rushmore-like monument.

The four Cubs listed are…

Ernie Banks……Cap Anson…..Ron Santo…..Billy Williams

I don’t think anyone could argue with Banks, Anson, and Williams.  And I don’t have a problem with Santo, but I think an argument could be made for Ryne Sandberg or Fergie Jenkins or Phil Cavarretta.

Looking through all the other teams really had me scratching my head on some picks.

For the Mets they had Davey Johnson, Manager, 1984-90; to go along with Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, and David Wright. Sure Johnson was a good manager and led them to a WS title, but come on. No Keith Hernandez, no Darryl Strawberry, no Ed Kranepool, or even David Cone……….

St Louis Cardinals:  They were represented by Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Ozzie Smith. All four are definitely worthy and it really tells you something about the quality of the franchise when Albert Pujols and Rogers Hornsby and Red Schoendienst can’t make the list.

LA Angels: No Bobby Grich??? They do have Nolan Ryan, Mike Scioscia, Gene Autry, and Jim Fregosi.

Speaking of Ryan, he’s on the list for the Angels and the Texas Rangers, but the team he actually pitched more games for than any other, Houston, well…..he wasn’t good enough to make that list. Instead they went will Larry Dierker. Hey Dierker was a decent pitcher, but he wasn’t a Nolan Ryan, or even a Mike Scott or Roy Oswalt or JR Richard.

There are others that I question, but I’ll let you look for yourself.

Here is a picture……you can find your favorite team and see if you agree with the list.

Radio GM’s

When I listen to sports radio and hear some fan come on and
start proposing trades, more times than not I start cringing.


OK, were talking about what the Cubs might need to improve.
Give us a call at 555-1234 and let us know what you think. Bert in Plainfield, you’re


Yeah how ya
doing? Long time listener, first time caller.


Good Bert, go ahead with your plan to improve the Cubs.


Well first off we
should call the Phillies and make an offer for Halladay.


Why would the Phillies trade Cy Young winner Roy Halladay?


Well they just
signed Cliff Lee and they already have Oswalt and Hamels, so they don’t need
Halladay. Plus they lost right fielder Jason Werth over the winter to Washington.
So I say we give them Fukudome for Halladay.


Ummm, ok Bert, thanks for the ca……


Wait! I have one
more. The Yankees need starters, so let’s move Silva to them for second baseman
Robinson Cano.


Oooookay Bert, we have lots of people waiting to get in.
Thanks for the call. Ernie in Aurora, you’re up.


These people are calling radio stations and making goofy
trade proposals on the air with thousands of people listening. And they really
mean what they say. And after they get hung up on, they wonder to themselves
what was wrong with their trade. Meanwhile, sixty thousand listeners all rolled
their eyes at once and the radio station lost another fifty thousand listeners when
they changed the channel.


This is where I come in. Luckily for me only four or five
people are reading my posts (probably only two of you made it this far for this
entry) and I can make trade proposals without embarrassing myself across the
Chicagoland area or costing radio stations ad revenue.



The Cubs should contact the Rangers and make an offer for
Michael Young.  I would offer Alfonso
Soriano and cash ($20M over 4 years) for Young. Young is due $48M over the next
3 years, Soriano $72M over 4. The Cubs would get the second baseman and leadoff
hitter they need, the Rangers would get a DH that can play left field when
Hamilton needs to DH.


Ok Russel, thanks for the call………

A 75+ Win Rotation??



The Phillies have added Cliff Lee to an already solid
rotation. Lee will reportedly ink a $120 million, 6 year deal with


The Phillies starting five rotation will include; Lee, Roy
Oswalt, Roy Halladay, Joe Blanton and Cole Hamels. The four time defending NL
East division champs will again be the favorites to win the National League


But what are the odds that all five starting pitchers will
have good years…… not very.


Since 1973, only one team has had five pitchers win 15 or
more games in a single season, the 1998 Atlanta Braves. The Braves had Maddux,
Glavine, Smoltz, Millwood, and Neagle.


Surprisingly, during this same period of time, only 10 more
teams have had 4 pitchers win 15+ games. None since 2004.


Of course this doesn’t mean that the 2011 Phillies rotation
can’t do it, if any team next year has a chance to get 15 wins from five different starters, it’s the Phillies. But history say’s ……unlikely.



The “I didn’t Know That” stat –  Since 1973, the Cubs have only had 1 rotation
include three or more pitchers to get 15+ wins. In 1989, Rick Sutcliffe(16),
Greg Maddux(19), and Mike Bielecki(18) combined to win 53 games.