2013 Hall of Fame Vote

One thing was made perfectly clear to me yesterday; Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa will Never get elected to the Hall of Fame………NEVER!

And that goes for you too Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte and Manny Ramirez.

Not this year, not next year, or 10 or 15 years from now……..Never.

The Baseball Writers of America own the keys to the front door, and you ain’t getting a copy.

And for those of you that think that maybe this was just a First Ballot punishment and that we need to see where the vote totals go next year, forget it. We need look no further than Mark McGwire’s vote totals over the years to give us some perspective.

Yesterday was the seventh time McGwire has been on the ballot, it was also the lowest vote total (16.9%) that he has ever received. He is not moving up with time and perspective, as some have suggested will happen with Bonds and Clemens, he is moving down.

The writers, many of whom in their own way were at least indirectly responsible for the popularity of the “steroid era”, have now determined that they are the moral compass

Sound like a bad deal? Too bad, because the system isn’t changing and you and I don’t get a vote.

While I think fans would always like to see someone go in each year and the writers might get some minor heat for not putting anyone through, the next couple of ballots will give the writers and the HOF itself plenty of cover to avoid calls for any changes to the voting procedures. 

In just the next three years (2014-16), I can see as many as 11 players getting elected into the HOF.
C Biggio
G Maddux
T Glavine
F Thomas
J Kent
M Mussina
R Johnson
P Martinez
J Smoltz
K Griffey Jr
T Hoffman

Electing that many players from one era will allow the writers to easily stay away from the “steroid” guys and the so-called “steroid era”.

However, if there was one way for the “steroid” players to get in, it would be this. A large group of current HOF players would have to stand up en-mass and say that only the numbers matter, not how they were obtained. If Frank Robinson and Hank Aaron and Billy Williams and Johnny Bench and other Hall of Fame players from the 60’s and 70’s said it was ok, then Bonds and Clemens might have a chance; but I don’t believe that will ever happen. So as I said, the steroid guys will never get in.

As for Craig Biggio not getting in, it’s embarrassing.

It is obvious looking at voting patterns from the last couple of years that a large block of writers continue to practice “first ballot” protection voting.

Craig Biggio IS a HOF caliber player and I’m sure he will go in next year. Yet there were plenty of voters out there yesterday that just don’t think he is in the same league as Joe DiMaggio or Jimmy Foxx or Rogers Hornsby or Ted Williams or Eddie Mathews or Juan Marichal or Billy Williams or Etc………and while they might think that and you reading this might think it as well, the HOF plaque doesn’t mention if you are a first or second ballot guy.

Oh; btw. Of the seven HOF players I just mentioned in the last paragraph, only one went in on the first ballot. I’ll leave you to figure out which one it was.


  1. Andrew Godfrey

    I still think Roger Clemens used steroids, whether the courts let him off or not. I think he was in a steroids rage, when he hit Mike Piazza in the head with a pitch. I don’t believe in this not voting for a player like Biggio, just because it is his first time on the ballot. That is excuse Ken Rosenthal used for not voting for Biggio. I checked Biggio’s standing in the doubles stats and he has hit more doubles, than any right handed batter in the history of baseball. Biggio should have been voted in yesterday and now Frank Thomas and Greg Maddux will be on the ballot in 2014, making it impossible for someone like Jack Morris to get in. How can Jack Morris get in with Maddux having 101 more wins than Morris and his 3.90 ERA is 743rd in list of ERA’s at baseball-reference.com.

    • WrigleyRegular

      I agree about Clemens, and I do think Biggio should have got in this year.

      I’m not a big Jack Morris fan and would never have voted for him if given the chance. However, if I was voting on a 15th and last ballot for him, I would vote yes. I wouldn’t want to be the one vote that keeps him out. After all, what if the other 74.9% were right and I was wrong.

  2. Andrew Godfrey

    It will be sad day for baseball, if any of the cheaters is enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame and will probably open the floodgates, for other cheaters waiting to be voted in. I look for Bonds and Clemens to receive more votes, since some voters probably punished them, by not voting for them on their first try.

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