Bryce Harper’s Debut

I’ve never seen the kid play before tonight. My only knowledge of him is through articles I’ve read and the few highlights I’ve seen.


Based on that limited exposure, I had a negative impression of Harper going into the game. After watching him play……… I’m not sure how I feel.


Everything about this kid screams “Look at me!”  From the haircut, to the flipping off of his helmet as he ran the bases, to the grey painted bat. And make no mistake, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bat that color. It reminded me of the first time I ever saw a player use a black painted bat- George Foster mid 70’s. 


What also screamed look at me? That bullet of a line drive that he hit to dead center over Matt Kemp’s head and the way he busted his ass down to second base. And then on defense, the laser throw he made from left field to home plate on a single to left. His throw beat the runner but Ramos dropped the ball.


I sorta get the feeling that he is a “Pete Rose”. He is gonna play hard…..tonight….tomorrow……every game ……every pitch.   And if you don’t like him or the way he plays…… too bad for you because he doesn’t care.


It’s gonna make him a very polarizing player, like Rose was.


Now he just needs to put up the numbers.

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