Jorge Posada


I read a note this morning that said Jorge Posada was going to announce his retirement from the Yankees and baseball tomorrow. Posada played his entire 17 year career with the Yankees and he was a key component on their 5 World Series championships since 1996.


I also read that he is probably a lock for the Hall of Fame. Maybe not first ballot, but he will definitely get in. Let’s take a look at his credentials.


—  Power:  8th on the all-time catcher list for home runs……… Check

—  Clutch:  11th on the catcher list for RBI’s…………Check

—  Recognition:  5 time All-Star and 5 time Silver Slugger Award winner…….Check

—  He was a part of 5 World Series winners………Check

—  And of course, he was a Yankee………Check


But wait, is he really a shoe-in?

—  He has only hit above .287 once in his career, and under .250 eight times.

—  Of his five All-Star games, he was only named a starter twice.  Not that the fans always pick the best player, but it does give you an overall feeling of what people thought of him.

—  He’s never won a Gold Glove. I mean, if you’re not gonna win a Gold Glove as a catcher, than you better dominate on offense if you plan on making it into the Hall; and Posada didn’t.

—  Yes he has 5 WS rings, but I think players like Jeter, Rivera, Martinez, Clemens, Petitte, and Williams can lay more claim as to being the key cog in the machine.


Let’s look at a few comparables.


—————————-    G             H             HR          RBI         Avg

Player A:              1988       1782       324         1070       .252

Player B:              1829       1664       275         1065       .273

Player C:              1503       1527       260         864         .287


One player is Lance Parrish, one is Javy Lopez and one is Jorge Posada. Both Parrish and Lopez received less than 5% of the vote and were dropped off the HOF ballot after just one appearance.  And without me telling you which player is which (Parrish-A, Posada-B, Lopez-C);  I bet that you had a hard time picking out Posada.


So I say Posada was a good player, and he deserves the moment in the sun that he is going to get tomorrow when he retires, but when you start to hear things like “great player”, “best catcher of his era”, and “HOF lock”; think twice.




  1. strictlycubsbaseball

    Interesting post. I have not given this much thought until reading your words. I started looking up other catchers that played during his career and comparing them. I also looked up the stats of catchers already in the Hall. I think Jorge falls just short of making it personally, but it’s up to the writers not me. Good post. Definitely had me thinking.


  2. toosoxy

    I don’t think he’s HOF-worthy… am I biased? Could be.
    It will be weird not seeing him scowling at everyone in Yankee Stadium.
    His neck is huge, by the way. Just an observation.

  3. 30-Year Old Cardboard

    Very good write-up, and excellent comparisons. In my opinion, he was a solid and classy player – in a league that is half-full of cheaters. But Posada is not a Hall of Famer until Dale Murphy, Tim Raines, and Alan Trammell get in!!

  4. WrigleyRegular

    Ron- I wish the vote was up to guys like you and me, the writers are really starting to bug me with their voting results.

    Soxy- Never noticed his neck, maybe wearing a mask all summer long increases your neck muscles 😉

    30YOC- Posada was a good player, but if he gets in before Raines I gonna ……………. do something. I dont know what, but it will be something:)

    Brian- Being a Yankee is why he will get in, no other reason………..

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