Dan Uggla doesn’t play in New York or Boston or Chicago. He plays in Atlanta. While the Braves might be a very popular team in the Southeast, they are still just a regional favorite that doesn’t have the national following of say the Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs.

And so what he is doing in baseball right now, a 33 game hit streak, does not seem to be getting the over-the-top, wall-to-wall, live cut-in for every at-bat coverage by ESPN that a Derek Jeter race for 3000 hits might get; but it is something special.

What really makes it special is the incredibly unlikely nature of it happening.

In the 92 games prior to the streak, Uggla had a .182 batting average.  He is a career .259 hitter.

Only 18 players have had longer streaks in baseball history. For some perspective, there have been 20 perfect games pitched.

This is the 7th longest streak since Pete Rose hit safely in 44 straight games in 1978.

And again, the crazy part is the guy who is doing it. Here are the seven longest streaks since Rose along with their batting averages the year before the streak and the year of the streak.

Pete Rose  (44) 1978                       .311/.302             All-time hit King

Paul Molitor (39) 1987                    .281/.353             .306 lifetime avg  and 3300+ hits

Jimmy Rollins (38) 2006                  .290/.277             Switch-hitting speedster

Luis Castillo (35) 2002         .263/.305             Switch-hitter. Topped .300 7 times in career

Chase Utley (35) 2006                    .291/.305             Career .290 hitter

Benito Santiago (34) 1987             .290/.300             Young at the time and fast

Dan Uggla (33)  2011                       .287/.232             Career .259 avg

Not only is what this guy doing rare, but he probably shouldn’t be doing it.  If you’re not already, it’s time to start watching.


  1. Bryan Scrafford

    It seems like last weekend was a celebration of things coming to an end. They honored Bobby Cox’s career and saw Uggla’s hitting streak come to an end. Even Zambrano picked up on the theme as he claimed he wanted to retire, but now it looks like he’s just on the DQ list for 30 days (maybe not even that long depending on the results of the Players Association challenging the cubs’ punishment).

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