Cubs in Fenway

Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park.

Huge series. Right?

Well, it depends on your point of view.  In its most simple form, the series against Boston is just another 3 games out of the 162 that are to be played this year. In terms of impact on the Cubs chances to win the NL Central, a win is a win is a win; but the 3 games played against St Louis last week and the 5 against Cincinnati over the past 11 days were far more significant. In fact, after this weekend the Cubs return to Chicago for a 9 game home stand that will probably go a long way in determining whether or not the Cubs will have a chance at the playoffs this season and if/when Chicago will jump into the seller’s market before the deadline to make player trades.

On the other hand. Baseball is a passion; a tie that binds people from all walks of life together. A gift passed from one generation to the next. A living history lesson. …….. baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past Ray. – Terence Mann

And so when the Red Sox take the field tonight and Jon Lester makes his first pitch to the leadoff hitter, it will be for the first time against the Chicago Cubs in Fenway Park in 93 years.

The last time the Cubs played the Red Sox in Boston was during the 1918 World Series. A series that the Red Sox won 4 games to 2.

To put some historical reference to this; Babe Ruth was still playing with Boston, primarily as a pitcher. He started and won 2 games during the series, although the Cubs did end what was at the time and would remain for the next 43 years a World Series record 29 2/3 scoreless innings.

So I am making the trip out to Boston to see this “just another regular season game”.  I will be at Sunday night’s game. Look for me on ESPN, I’ll be the one in the Cubs jersey ;). I plan on taking plenty of pictures and video and hopefully might be able to take the Fenway Park tour before the game. I should be posting about the trip on Tuesday.

So, is it a huge series? No. But for a baseball fan these are huge games and I’m just lucky to be able to take a small part in the history.


  1. An Original Senators Fan

    Glad you’re getting to Beantown this weekend! This Rangers fan was actually born in Massachusetts but left there before ever having a chance to visit Fenway. Have a great time!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I’m sorry Saturday’s win didn’t carry over to a win while you were at the ballpark, but this still sounds like a heck of a fun trip to me. I think a lot of the Interleague games are big games for fans, which is why I enjoy them. Hey, I got to see how Angels pitchers do against Chipper Jones and Jason Heyward this weekend. Pretty cool.
    — Kristen

  3. Matthew Peaslee

    How you going to lose to a 44 year old pitcher? Did the have his walker waiting for Wakefield when he tipped his cap coming off the field. Just kidding, of course. Tim has always been a favorite of mine, that knuckleball is still something special after all these years. Hope you enjoyed Beantown, though.

  4. Michael David

    I was in Boston for the Tigers series, and the town was already getting crazy with Cubs fans from all over. They definately took these games seriously with all of the hype. Hope you had a great time, and a safe trip.
    ‘Minoring in Baseball’

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