Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds announced his retirement today from Major League
baseball and the St Louis Cardinals. Jim is 40 years old and is retiring
because of an Achilles problem sustained last fall. In fact he injured himself
on what would turn out to be his last major league at-bat, a home run.


On Sept 21st last year Edmonds hit a home run off
David Bush to deep right-center. While he was running the bases he felt a pop
between second and third base, it turned out to be a right Achilles tendon
problem that ended his season, and now his career.


Jim Edmonds played all or parts of 17 seasons; 8 in St
Louis, 7 with the Angels and parts of other seasons with the Reds, Padres,
Brewers, and Cubs.


Jim was an 8 time Gold Glove winner and received MVP votes
in 6 seasons.


                                                   ( USAToday.com)

In 2008 he played with the Cubs. At the time I thought his
signing was a waste, he had just been released by the Padres and was only
hitting .178. But he ended up playing his way into the lineup and had an
excellent season, hitting 19 home runs and playing outstanding defense.


Jim will probably get minimal consideration for the Hall of
Fame in 5 years, and in truth I don’t think he is a HOFer.  But some people have been put into the Hall
based on comparisons to other HOFers. Here is how Jim compares to recent
inductee Jim Rice.


Games:  Edmonds
(2011)- Rice (2089)

HR: E (393)  –  R (382)

RBI:  E (1199)  –  R

OPS:  E (.903)  –  R


Now that’s just cherry picking some stats, but hey, they are
what they are.


So a tip of the cap to Jim Edmonds, a solid veteran player
that made one of the greatest catches in the history of the game.

Side Note: This is my third Cardinals related post in a row,
which probably covers my St Louis quota for the year.


  1. blithescribe

    Edmonds is a good guy, a great ballplayer and was a joy to watch in center field. I even remember his name a little bit from when I was a wee young lass and he was one of the promising local high school players we all watched through the papers. I was sad to see his career end with an injury.
    As far as Cardinals posts go, would that quota be for the calendar year, the 2011 season, a chronological year starting now or what? Because you know there’s more Pujols news coming down the pipe, especially once the season ends, LOL.
    This is a very simple game…

  2. russelw

    Jeff ~ That’s funny, closet Cardinal fan. If writing about the Cards makes me a closet fan, your closet must be stuffed with Tri-corn hats. LOL.

    Mike~ I actually picked him up for a $1 in an auction his rookie year. He was was 5th OFer. My partner was the one that wanted him, I never heard of him before that moment. My partner still reminds me of that pickup. He also reminds me about when I talked him out of getting then rookie Albert Pujols.


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