Big Money

If you’re a New York Yankee’s fan, you gotta love your team
for doing what they do in an attempt to win. And that is, spend money.


Now money doesn’t guarantee a championship, if it did the
Cubs would have won one in the last ten years, but it gives you a leg up on


First the Yankees go after the best offensive player
available on the free agent market, Carl Crawford. They didn’t get him, and
maybe they were holding back just a little because they also were making a play
for Cliff Lee, but they forced Boston to pay full price.


After losing out on Crawford, the Yanks made a full court
press to get Lee. They offered the best contract, and in today’s world that
would usually be enough, but Lee decided to go back to Philadelphia where he
pitched in 2009. As a fan, you have to appreciate their effort.


But when you don’t get your first two choices, when you’re
the Yankee’s, you get pick number 3 no matter what it takes.


So according to ESPN sources, New York has agreed to a deal
with closer Rafael Soriano to be Mariano Rivera’s setup man. How do you get a
closer to sign as a setup man? You give him closer money. Look, most teams have
to abide by a general salary structure for their club and paying huge bucks for
setup guys just doesn’t fit the equation. But when you have almost unlimited
funds and you don’t get the first two guys that you wanted for some reason, the
rational thought that would limit how much you pay for a setup man goes out the


The crazy thing is, Soriano probably should have been their
first choice all along. The Yankee’s rotation is going to be in flux for most
of the year (even if they do get Pettitte back) and their bullpen is going to
be counted on more this year than in any recent memory.


With the re-signing of Mariano last month, the recent
signings of lefty Pedro Feliciano and Soriano, and throw Joba Chamberlain in
the mix, the Yankees will have a solid pen that will only require starters to
get the game to the 7th inning.


Will it be enough to beat Boston? Does it have to be? The
truth is that two teams will probably come out of the East just like they have
in 7 of the last 9 years.

PS.   I like all 4 home teams to cover this weekend in the NFL Playoffs.


  1. diehardcubsfan4ever

    I am surprised that the Yankees haven’t done more. As you’ve mentioned, they had their attention on players that chose to sign elsewhere which left them in a lurch. Unfamiliar territory for NY. As Jane Heller mentioned, the Yankees still need a starting pitcher. Personally, I think the Cubs should trade Fukudome, Gorzellany and Randy Wells to New York for Brett Gardner. The Cubs need a lead off hitter and the Yankees need some pitchers. It’s a win-win scenario.

  2. russelw

    DieHard- I really like that trade, it won’t happen though as the Cubs just traded Gorz to Washington, but Gardner really would be a good pickup for the Cubs.

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