Safeco Field

I really enjoyed my trip to Seattle. It’s the first time
that I’ve been there and I would be happy to make a return trip anytime.


I took a morning flight out from O’Hare direct Seattle. I
actually almost missed the flight and was the last one to get on the plane but
I did make it and we had a smooth flight. I love flying westbound; leave
Chicago at 8am, four hour flight, land in Seattle at 10am.


I went directly to my hotel but the room wasn’t ready. They
have a sun patio on the roof and I went up to see the view. This is a shot of
downtown Seattle. The Key Arena is across the street and you can see the Space



I meet up with my sister, brother in-law, and their two
kids. They were also out there for a vacation. We went to lunch and then some site
seeing. First we went to the International Fountain in the Seattle Center area. 



Then we headed over to the Space Needle. 




Here is a view of Qwest Field and Safeco Field from the



After some afternoon walking around, I went to Safeco about
two hours before the game. First I walked past Qwest Field and then over to
Safeco. Here are some pictures of the walk. 






In the above picture I placed an arrow to show where I was
standing to take this picture looking back down the street I just walked up. 



Inside the park I walked around for a while talking pictures
and watching batting practice. 














Safeco Field is really nice. At Wrigley Field I just don’t
think about all the amenities a ballpark can have because we just don’t have
them. At Safeco, they have all the amenities that you can think of. You get a
great view of the field from any seat, of course some views are better than
others. My seats were field level 8 rows back and it was a nice view.


I was walking the upper deck prior to the game taking
pictures when an usher came over and asked if I needed help. I just told him it
was my first time to the park and I was looking around. He then spent about the
next 10 minutes telling me everything anyone one would like to know about the
field. It was cool and I probably know more about Safeco now than do some of
the season ticket holders.


The food was good and there were plenty of concession
stands. The lines were short and the service was fast. I like the fact that you
can still see the field from the concourse level as you are in line. At
Wrigley, when I go get nachos and run down the concourse under the stands to
the bathroom, I miss at least an inning. At Safeco there are plenty of
restrooms and I could run in and out between batters and never miss a pitch.


One of the things Safeco is famous for are their Garlic
Fries. I had an order, but couldn’t finish them.  Man, you really better be into garlic. I’m not
talkin’ about garlic powder or garlic salt. These things are coated with light
oil and then smothered with raw chopped garlic, and lots of it. You can smell
these things from two rows over. A thought my sister was going to ask me to
leave the area until I was finished.


I kept forgetting about the jumbo scoreboard. I’m just not
used to looking for it. It wasn’t till about the third inning when I would
start looking at the scoreboard for batter info and replays and blooper reels.




When the game was over we took our time getting out.




The roof was open for the game, but about ten minutes after
the game ended they closed the roof. I’m not sure why they closed it, but it
was cool to watch and it took about five minutes. The roof is on a rail and it
rises above the top of the stadium to create an open air field.







Outside the stadium I gave a wave goodbye. A couple Seattle
fans didn’t really care for my picture. 


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